Christmas Eve Dinner Tradition… Pork Ragu

Hey ya’ll!!! So it is Christmas Eve. The last 2 weeks have been kinda weird. Sad because we are missing our Lizzie; weird because life goes on and we feel a strange kinda “normal” which we love and hate.

So Christmas/Holiday is upon us. Kinda of a normal thing for most. Weird for a family who just lost their baby girl. We went shopping for 2 instead of 3. We ordered a table of 4 instead of 5. I set a table with 2 kid plates instead of 3…etc… kinda sucks, but it is our reality now.

So the last few years we have had Christmas Eve dinner at our house. I have made this the last couple of years. It is a hit. No fail. Easy win. Just do it… or try

002003<img src=”” alt=”011″ width=”523″

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