Meal Plan 1/11/15

Happy Sunday! Hope everyone had a great weekend! There is a ton of food in the freezer that we have been stockpiling over the last month, so instead of going to the store and creating new dishes, I am having a cleaning out the freezer week. Here is our meal plan for the week…

Sunday- Fish sticks, mac and cheese, and veggie for the girls…I think I am going to make myself some salmon…something like this…014

or this


Monday- Hamburgers, fries, and baked beans—never made these last week. Easy Monday night meal!
Going to try to make it look like the one at Five Guys…
Five Guys

Tuesday- Grandparents night with kids…I’m going to yoga, so I am defrosting some baked chicken with enchilada, beans, and quinoa

Wed- Crock Pot Meal!!!! Pork Ragu-

Th- Taquitos-

Friday- Girls Night Out!!!!

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