Meal Plan 3/8/15

Evening kids! Hope everyone got to get out and enjoy this lovely day. Here in Georgia, it was 60 degrees. Yesterday it was 40 degrees. Last week it snowed. Georgia weather is psychotic; I can’t wait for it to warm up for real.

We had lots of good food this weekend. Lots of meals out… Friday the hubby was out, so I took the girls to a local Indian place. The food was super yummy! We got vegetable samosas, chicken tandoori, and lamb kabobs. The girls really loved the chicken, rice, and Naan. I had a side of their curry sauce and yogurt sauce. Heaven…leftovers for lunch tomorrow!

Sat- Jimmy John’s for lunch (Italian Sub)…Mexican for dinner (Shrimp Tipica- Shrimp Skewers and grilled veggies with 2 flour tortillas) and a very large margarita =)

Sunday- Lunch with the girls and Mrs. Jessica (Shout out! Hey Jess!!!) We went to Mellow Mushroom. I had a yummy cocktail (1:30- day drinking is permitted on Sundays), a pretzel, and a tofu hoagie. YUMMY! Tonight I made the girls Beanie Weenies and Mac and cheese. Totally legit. Use the right ingredients, and you can get away with junk food, right? Recipe- Cut up hot dogs. Add to beans. Warm on stove. Make macaroni according to box. Yeah… not rocket science, people. =) I was still super full from lunch, so I grazed and drank wine. Full disclosure ya’ll. 006

Yesterday and today I went to a Barre class. Pretty cool workout. I got a Groupon for it, so it was super cheap. 2 week unlimited for $38. I have been loving it so much. It is farther away than I would like, but it is something that I always wanted to try. For the next month, I am going to be focused on running and strength training. I have a couple of 5K’s coming up, so I need to build up my endurance.

Here is my meal plan for the rest of the week…

Mon- Beef Enchiladas

Tues- Pan fried pork chops, veggie, and noodles

Wed- Bacon and Pea Orzo with Parmesan

Thursday- Cheesy Chicken and Broccoli Rice Casserole

Friday- Becca’s birthday celebration with my parents- She picked Ippilito’s

Sat- Becca’s birthday all day celebration- Doughnut breakfast, Cinderella Movie, Shopping Extravaganza, and Habatchi for dinner!

Any new recipes you are trying out??? Have a great week full of fun, friends, family, and food!!!

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