Meal Plan 2/8/16

Howdy friends! Sorry I am just getting around writing this post. I was going to write it this weekend, but we had to put one of my sweet kitties down last night. He was 17 and has been blind for a few years, but he could still get around and seemed happy and content.  Recently, he started having a hard time jumping in the bed and walking for long periods of time. This weekend it appears he may have had a stroke and lost his ability to walk. I rescued him off the street over 16 years ago. The vet thought that he was between 6 months and 1 year. He was full of fleas, ear mites, and super skinny. He fit right in with us and became best buds with Oscar (after a bit of fighting and territory matches). He became my fat little baby. The girls have only known life with the cats, so they have taken it pretty hard as well. We took today off to spend some special time together.



Here is the line up for this week…

Monday- Lamb Chops, Macaroni, peas

Tuesday- BBQ Pork Tenderloin

Wednesday- Slow Cooker Beef Short Rib Ragu I might make it different this time.

Thursday- Beanie Weenies and fries…possibly some more mac and cheese, just because…

Friday- Clean Out the Fridge Night

Sat- Out with friends

Sunday- Sweet Chili Chicken Wings (Alton Brown’s Recipe), fries, Asian Slaw


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