Sweet Chili Chicken and Veggies on Naan

Good afternoon, ya’ll! Hope everyone is having a great Saturday! We just got home from watching the movie, Inside Out. It was so cute! I highly recommend it.  inside-out6

Last night I made Sweet Chili Chicken and Veggies on Naan. The hubby and I loved it, but the kids were not fans. They didn’t care for the sweet chili sauce I marinated it in. But they ate some, because it was dinner. Of course they loved the Naan =)

Sweet Chili Chicken and Veggies on Naan


3 boneless skinless chicken breasts cut in to bite sized pieces
1 container of mushrooms, sliced
1 cup of sliced peppers- I mixed red, yellow, and orange
1 onion, sliced
1/2 bottle of sweet chili sauce- normally it would be for dipping my spring rolls in, but it made a great marinade =)


Marinate the chicken and veggies in the marinade for at least 30 min. and up to 2 hours. Cook on high heat in a large skillet or wok. Heat up some Naan; I do it directly over the gas eye. This would also be great with rice,noodles, or couscous. Easy and quick dinner!


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