Weekly Meal Plan 8/23/15

Hey guys! I hope you all are having a fabulous weekend! We are just relaxing this weekend. No games or any major plans!

Last night it was a girls’ night with my little ones. We ordered pizza (1/2 pineapple and 1/2 black olives and mushrooms), cheesy bread, and a Greek salad. The girls and I usually end up getting a veggie pizza of some sort. I will eat sausage or pepperoni on a pizza, but usually I lean toward the veggie pizzas. This meal hit the spot!

Phee and Poopaw (one set of grandparents) are visiting this weekend. We went out to dinner to our favorite local Mexican restaurant. I had a shrimp quesadilla and a cheese poblano pepper. 012 009

Reminded me to make these again… https://funfoodiefamily.com/2014/06/11/easy-baked-cheesy-poblano-peppers-chile-relleno/

Between the beginning of school, cheer practice and games, and the husband going out of town, this past month has been super crazy! I have been nonstop and crashed each night at an embarrassingly early hour. One of my friends with a Fitbit said we have walked a crazy amount of steps and burned tons of calories! Woohoo!

I haven’t really made a meal plan since last May. In the summer there is no need for one, but once school starts it is imperative! So I am going to do my best this week to start back in to my “normal” routine. Meal planning, cooking, and working out at least 3 days a week; a combo of solo cardio and weights, yoga/Pilates/barre classes, a day of running with my “Girls on the Run” group, and walks with Brutus is a must for my sanity. Plus, unwind time with my favorite books and shows each night are needed =)

Here is my meal plan for this week…

Weekly Meal Plan 8/23/15

Sunday- Chicken Tetrazzini
Monday- Steak, Potatoes, and Veggie
Tuesday- Tacos
Wednesday- Arroz Con Pollo (chicken and rice)
Thursday- Slow Cooker Beef and Peppers over Polenta
Friday- Clean Out the Fridge Night
Saturday- Family Night Out!

What are you making this week?

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