7 days with no kitchen…

For a few days I had an easily accessible toaster oven and microwave. We ate lots of these…


French Toast Sticks

french toast sticks

Mommy Corn Dogs

veggie corn dogsLittle girl and Daddy corn dogs
corn dogs

My personal favorites are Kix, Corn Flakes, Life, and anything with the CAP’N.


With TONS of salt and mustard!

We also ate out a couple of nights. This is my tilapia salad and lemon chicken soup from a local Greek place.


This weekend was;  a Chick-fil-A chicken biscuit (at a 9 am playoff game), veggie grilled cheese from Five Guys (on the way to a 1 pm playoff game), Taco Mac wings and fries (right before Trick-or Treating),  fried green tomatoes and crab cake (brunch with my girls at Another Broken Egg cafe), cheese and crackers, and 2 slices of pineapple pizza and 2 cheese bread sticks (Pizza Hut). Oh, and I may have eaten some Halloween candy 😉

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