Opening Day!!!!

The summer farmer’s market is here!!!! They also had “Arts in the Park” and a bunch of food trucks. The girls and I had a fun morning and lots of yummy food! I bought a lot of goodies, the girls had ice pops and corn dogs, and I had one of the best Cuban sandwiches EVER! Tonight will be filled with excitement…Katie is having her birthday sleepover with lots of friends, so a pretty busy and exciting day! Here is some fun pics I took of us and our purchases…

Squinting in the sun!
King of Pops!
Corn Dog that rivals Disney’s!
They were so yummy!
Pretty broccoli
Curly Kale
Mixed Lettuce that the lady gave me for free!
Mini pies, honey, and dehydrated apples
Beets, carrots, and radishes…All my favorite veggies in one bowl!
Never throw away the beet greens!

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