Sick Day

This sweet munchkin was sick pretty much all weekend, but I thought she was on the mend so I made her get up and start to get ready for school. Then she laid on the bathroom floor and went to sleep. She did get up and get dressed, but I could tell something was not right. Uhhhh…..the dreaded back to school crud with a fever. Becca had it on Thursday afternoon and stayed home Friday. So I marched her back to bed and stayed home with her.

She ended up sleeping in for another hour or so, then woke up. She still had a fever, but she said she was hungry, and that is always a good sign to me. We snuggled, ate her favorite foods, played her favorite games, and watched more TV than normal. Sent her off to bed tonight fever free and hopeful for a normal day. I hate when the girls are sick…but I love making them feel better 😉216.JPG

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