Leftover Lovin’- Mediterranean Veggies and Parmesan Couscous

Tuesday-Thursday nights are pretty busy and hard to figure out what to cook for dinner. Becca has cheer practice smack dab in the middle of dinner time, so I have to have something quick and easy, or have a dinner prepared ahead of time to make sure she eats in plenty of time. Sometimes it is a crock pot meal, sometimes it is breakfast for dinner, sometimes I pick-up a rotisserie chicken and make mac and cheese, and other nights like last night she raids the freezer and eats a veggie corn dog and a piece of garlic toast.

Another factor is who is home eating dinner. On a perfect night, all of us are gathered around the table eating together. BUT we all know that is a rare precious thing for a family to achieve on a busy school night. The hubby is a flight instructor and sometimes works past dinnertime; or he gets home in time to pick up Becca so I can still cook. Our schedule is always changing, so I have to be prepared so we don’t eat out every night! We need to save money, but don’t want to eat PB&J and Ra-amen for every meal!

Tuesday we ate out after practice, because it was my birthday =) We hit up the local Mediterranean joint for a yummy meal.  I usually get a vegetarian or seafood meal when we go out to eat. This time I opted for the Eggplant Platter which has sauteed eggplant and other veggies served with a Greek Salad, pita, tzatziki, and potatoes (I opted for the sweet potatoes). I had some eggplant leftover in the fridge…cue last night…

After dropping off Becca at practice, Katie and I came home. She also wanted a veggie corn dog (I don’t think they knew they were vegetarian). The hubby came home, and I made him a chicken quesadilla. Then I spied some peppers and spinach in the fridge. So I decided to saute them with my leftover eggplant. Would have been good on it’s own, but I remembered I had a box of couscous in the pantry. Score!

You could do this with any veggie, add tofu to keep it vegetarian, or maybe add chicken. Delicious!



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