Chicken vs. Veggie Rice Bowls

Hey friends! Happy Friday night! I am enjoying a nice night catching up on shows, drinking wine, and eating popcorn! I have finally stopped crying after watching Grey's Anatomy, so I wanted to share with you a couple of quick throw together recipes. BUT honestly, Grey's, Parenthood, and now This is Us are the shows … Continue reading Chicken vs. Veggie Rice Bowls

Potato Pancakes

Hello again! Yesterday I made these yummy little potato pancakes using the leftover mashed potatoes from meatloaf night. This is a super easy recipe. You can make them even better by adding cheese or maybe even a little bacon. You can add scallions or garlic...the possibilities are endless! The girls like to eat them with … Continue reading Potato Pancakes

Leftover Lovin’- Mediterranean Veggies and Parmesan Couscous

Tuesday-Thursday nights are pretty busy and hard to figure out what to cook for dinner. Becca has cheer practice smack dab in the middle of dinner time, so I have to have something quick and easy, or have a dinner prepared ahead of time to make sure she eats in plenty of time. Sometimes it … Continue reading Leftover Lovin’- Mediterranean Veggies and Parmesan Couscous

Leftover Loving- Chicken and Veggie Pesto Pasta

Evening guys! So today was a day off due to Irma. Metro Atlanta is getting slammed with crazy strong winds and intermittent hard rain, and lots of people are losing power and have falling trees and limbs coming down. We are using it as a lazy day; Sleeping in, lots of TV and reading, and … Continue reading Leftover Loving- Chicken and Veggie Pesto Pasta

Cheeseburger Quesadilla

Hey guys! Happy Sunday! Why does the weekend always have to go by so fast? For lunch today, I made these for the girls. They both have been sick this weekend, so I let them watch TV and have an indoor picnic. I made double hamburgers so I could have leftovers this week, so I … Continue reading Cheeseburger Quesadilla