Leftover Chinese- Crispy Fried Rice

Summer is finally upon us! As a teacher and a mom who loves spending the summer with my kids, I am super excited that the school year is over. Now we can kick back and relax and get back to the lazy days of summer. I still have a few teacher meetings to go to this summer, but it’s not going to be that bad!

A few days ago was the last day of school, so the last thing I really wanted to do was cook dinner. We decided to order out Chinese food. I ordered the veggie fried rice with extra broccoli and my husband ordered spicy basil chicken. The girls gobbled up all the Edamame, wonton soup, and fried potstickers.

Today was a lazy day where we woke up on the late side (9:30 instead of 6:30), went to the farmers market, and had lots of samples and iced coffee and smoothies. The girls also downed an e ntire container of raspberries and half a loaf of cinnamon sugar bread.

I took all the Chinese leftovers (veggie fried rice and basil chicken), mixed them with one egg and about a cup of breadcrumbs. I only had regular breadcrumbs, but Panko would work. Then in a hot pan with a few tablespoons of vegetable oil, I fried up this big pancake. You can make little ones, but this is lazy cooking summer! Plus it’s just me eating it, so any extra leftovers will go to my best friend Brutus 😉

I added a bit of yum yum sauce to my bowl for the sauce. Delicious!!!

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