Happy Holidays!

Sorry I have been MIA. December is a weird time of year for me. Lots of sadness; Lulu died December 10th after having a long battle with Cancer. We always go to Hibachi bc it was her favorite.

Lots of Happiness; Rucks and I were married Dec. 16th 2000, so we celebrated our 17th wedding anniversary. We took the girls to fondue for the first time, and they loved it! We sometimes get random snow in Georgia and the girls can play and make a snowman! We go see Santa at the Mall of Georgia and then go to a different restaurant each year with my parents. Plus, I am off work until Jan. and I get to spend a lot of time with my girls, which is super important to me! My doggie has had some ear troubles this month, so that has not been too fun, but he will have an ear surgery in the new year and allergy meds that will hopefully help him.  Thanks for keeping up with me and my blog! Looking forward to 2018 and seeing what it brings!

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