Sauteed Summer Veggie Pasta

I was recently reading a pasta salad recipe in a magazine which reminded me I had to use up the rest of my veggies in my crisper drawer. I also found some spinach noodles in the cabinet and decided to make a veggie pasta dish.

I ended up chopping 2 small red onions, 2 zucchini,  2 squash, 2 cut corn on the cobs, the rest of a package of mushrooms, and 3 smashed and minced garlic cloves.


I sauteed them in a large cast iron pan with some a couple tablespoons of olive oil and butter with a generous pinch of salt and pepper.  Meanwhile, I brought a quart of salted water up to a boil and cooked my spinach noodle one minute less than the package said. img_1709

Then I added the pasta to the veggies with a bit of pasta water and a couple more pats of butter (or you could do olive oil or both). I topped the entire dish with a GENEROUS portion of Parmesan cheese. Super light, but filling at the same time.

I challenge you to look through your fridge and pantry and see what you can create!


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