Teriyaki Salmon

Evening guys! I hope everyone is well. Today was a pretty crazy day full of errands and family time, so tonight I cooked this easy healthy dinner while my daughter was at practice.  If I have the ingredients on hand, I usually make my own marinade like this for my proteins, but I do keep a few in the cabinet just for busy or lazy nights. When I saw the marinade pouch staring at me in the cabinet, I went for it.

All I did was marinate the salmon while I heated my oven to 400. I baked the fish for about 15 minutes (less or more depending on the thickness). I also cooked some rice and some squash and mushrooms sauteed in a bit of butter and sesame oil. I didn’t take a picture of the complete dish, but it was very pretty.

The salmon gets a bit charred on top, but was not burned. They were rather large, so I cut them in half. This is going in to the fish rotation for sure 😉img_2071img_2075

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