Save the Lettuce!

There is a funny tweet going around that says “Almost left the grocery store without buying a bag of spring mix to throw, unopened, into the garbage in two weeks.”

Lol. We have all been there. Sometimes we do open it for one salad, eat said salad, feel healthy, then forget the rest of the bag. Or you see it staring at you, testing you, looking all fresh still, then you open it and almost throw up, because it smells so bad. Gross!

I bought one of those clam shells with the spring mix in it and decided to really for reals use this lettuce for the next few days and not throw any bad lettuce! I used some last night, so I thought I would continue the trend and challenge myself with new ways each time on what to do with the lettuce, besides an obvious side salad.

Tonight I came home from Pilates and made myself a salad, but added in some fun ingredients aside from just mushrooms, tomatoes, and cucumbers with croutons. Here is what I put in my salad tonight…

A few artichoke hearts, black and green olives, roasted red peppers, cucumbers, mushrooms, carrots, pistachios, feta, croutons, and Greek Dressing. Already thinking about what to do tomorrow night…


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