Sweet Pepper and Heirloom Tomato Pasta

Hey guys! The second week of school is off to a pretty ok start 😉 Getting back in to a routine is a blessing and a curse. Miss my summer, but I am loving my new students and the girls love their teachers. The girls are also back in cheer, which means cheer practice 3 nights a week at different times and games every Saturday at different times and sometimes different parks.

Phew! A lot of times we just end up eating some sort of breakfast for dinner but occasionally I do make/semi-home make dinner. Tonight I stopped by the store and picked up a rotisserie chicken, some Hawaiian Bread, and a bagged Caesar salad. I roasted some potatoes in the oven while Katie was at practice in time to feed Becca before she went to practice. #rotisseriechickenforthewin

Last night, I wanted PASTA! I had some cherry tomatoes and baby sweet peppers from the farmers’ market I needed to use, so I sauteed them up with some finely minced garlic. Then I added a jar of marinara with some shriveled basil I found in my fridge. I added this all to some cooked Cavatappi and added a ton of Parmesan cheese. YUM!


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