Hanger Steak Night

It is no surprise that my family loves steak. It is one of the most requested meats next to bacon. But during this time, steak is not super easy to find or it is way too expensive. Enter the Hanger Steak. I really love this cut. I tend to undercook it first bc if you over cook it, it can be too chewy. You kind of have to baby it a bit, but the result is worth it!

I doused my hanger steak in olive oil and rubbed in the spice mixture. I had my cast iron skillet getting ready on high heat. I cooked the first side for about 8 minutes. Then I cooked the other side for 4 minutes. It was pretty thick, so I wasn’t sure it was done yet, but I still took it off and rested it under aluminum foil. I would rather it be under than overcooked. So after is rested for about 10 minutes, I cut it in slices. I was a little too raw, so I threw in in the pan for legit like 30 seconds.
Perfection an a plate!

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