No measuring Crispy Chicken and Mushroom Sauce

Chicken Thighs. Sexy. Hot pan with olive oil. Sear chicken side down extra crispy. Channel your inner desire to want to eat that chicken skin, not jut take it off the meat. Once it is crispy like it looks here, take it out of the pan for now.

Add mushrooms. I used a container of sliced portabellos, but use whatever kind and how much you want; you are not foreging them from the forest. Cook until they brown. Like 10 minutes. Babysit them. Love them. Don’t crowd them in your pan. At the end, throw in some salt and pepper. Throw in a bit more oil if you need it. Add in a splash of white whine (or chicken stock), a container of cream cheese, and a splash of heavy cream. Just mix them until they create a lovey texture. You will know. TASTE YOUR FOOD!!!!

Put the chicken back in. For the love of God, do NOT cover your perfect skin with the sauce. Cook until that bird is is done. I like 175 and let rest. Dark meat is fine cooked longer šŸ˜‰ If you try to do this with skinless chicken breast… NO! I made rice pilaf and broccoli with it, but add what you want for sides šŸ˜‰

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