Mediterranean Chicken Wraps

Sup. Been a while my friends. I always thought life would be easier once the kids got older….LOL. Now it is way more crazy. I promise we still eat, but not always together, at the same time, or the same thing. When we get to sit down together with the same meal cooked my by hands and heart, it is even more special now.

Today we all woke up relatively early for a Saturday with a couple of teenagers and a teacher. The plan was for me to wake up early and sneak out of the house to go to Pilates. Then my husband had another idea. “Uhhhh. It is Saturday morning! I don’t want to get up yet!” That was me, not the teenagers 😉 But I am glad he made us get up. We ran some VERY important errands concerning our first ski trip (REI)! Plus, we went to Costco so we could spend a lot of money to save money, as one does. Never underestimate the $1.50 hot dog and drink or the $2 piece of pizza. Let’s not ever forget to buy a 2nd place churro because Costco is not Disney World.

I feel like this is blog worthy meal, because it was magical. I didn’t cook the Mediterranean chicken skewers. I did not make the hummus or Tzatziki sauce. I found an awesome Greek seasoning and added it to the 2 vegetables I know my girls will mostly eat. I found some awesome little pitas and large flatbread. The magic of the meal was the combination of what was already made and the way I added it all together.

Cooked mushrooms and peppers in a large skillet until tender, about 10 minutes. Added the chicken and cooked until warm. Heated bread on the gas stove. Everyone made their own pitas using the mixture of chicken, veggies, and sauces. I also made a side of rice.

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