Shrimp Alfredo

Ring, Ring… I answered.
It was my mom.
“Hey, how are the girls? How was their day?” How is E?”
“Good. Good. Good. Where are you?” I could hear lots of noise in the background.”
“At church. We just had dinner. It was a shrimp boil. There are 4 pounds of shrimp leftover. Can I bring them tomorrow night for dinner? Can you do something with them?”
“YES!!! I’ll think of something! Bring them!”

I asked the girls what sounded good with shrimp, and they all said cheesy Alfredo pasta. Cool. 001002

My husband wanted to make pasta…always a good thing. I sautéed most of the shrimp in butter. Cook on both sides until pink…just a few minutes. When it turns pink and curls up, it is done. I also boiled the rest with a bay leaf and lemon juice. Those were for cocktail sauce.

No…no homemade Alfredo sauce. Tonight I chose the next best thing…Mario Batali jarred Alfredo sauce.