Living a Dream

Last night, I had a dream I cooked a perfect medium rare Porterhouse and ate the entire steak by myself, but there was no one there to appreciate my feat. So tonight, when I went to Publix to buy dog food, pool snacks, and try to find inspiration for dinner, I almost couldn’t believe my eyes. You know how right when you walk in to Publix they have all their sales, which is usually some meats, veggies, and a potato or bread; good meal combinations, right? Well, there it was…a Porterhouse. On sale… A Porterhouse steak on sale. It must be divine intervention, right? A Porterhouse steak for under $10. The universe is telling me to live my dream. Challenge accepted!!!


So, I came home, fed the dog, and fired up my trusty cast iron skillet. I was not going to trust this incredible piece of meat to just any cooking apprentice. No, it has to be the king of all cookware. So once I was sure it was screaming hot, I placed my well salted and peppered steak into the pan. You have to hear that magic sizzle, a culinary symphony for the ears. Now, I like my steak medium rare, as stated per my dream. I kept it on the first side for 6 minutes. Do not touch the steak until the time is up…step away from it. Pour yourself a nice glass of Merlot, Cabernet, Shiraz, or maybe even a nice Chianti. Sip and relax. Then once you have finished about half a glass, you may turn the steak. No grill marks here, just crusty yumminess. Leave it on the second side for 5 minutes and IMMEDIATELY take it off and let it rest for about 10 min or so. That is it! C’est tout’


Total Steak domination!!! Now that I have a blog, I have all the recognition I want…well, if anyone is actually reading my blog.
Yes!!! I did it! I didn’t have a salad, veggie, or potato, but I did eat the end piece of a French baguette. Challenge accomplished!

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