Leftovers: Wonton Risotto

I bought some wonton wrappers hoping to try out some homemade cheese sticks. Those will wait another day, because I made some wonton risotto. Not sure if anyone has made this before. I will just be honest and say the idea came to me when I was driving home from the hospital and dreaming of aranchini, which is an Italian fried rice ball. It was raining and gross outside, so instead of stopping at an out of the way Italian place that has amazing ones (Figo at Perimeter), I was kind of thinking of a way to recreate them. Once I got home and remembered I had wonton wrappers, I decided to try it out.

I heated up my Dutch Pan with an inch or so of vegetable oil. Then I put a spoonful of my leftover mushroom risotto and a sprinkle of parmesan cheese in a wonton wrapper and folded it over. I placed these in the heated oil for a minute or so until I saw the bottom turn brown. Then I flipped them.


Delish. They were more for me than the girls. R ate 2 of them, mostly picking out the mushrooms and “crusty edges” of the dough. Then I warmed up the rest of the Pasta Pizza leftovers I made a few nights ago.

Just to recap the last few days, in case you thought I was starving myself or my family… we had Jimmy John’s sandwiches for lunch on Wednesday (always yum), My 2 younger girls got spoiled with McDonalds and Zaxby’s with their grandparents Wed night and Thursday lunch. As for me…adequate grilled chicken sandwich from the hospital and pretzel hotdog rolls at Dave and Buster’s on a hospital outing to celebrate my kiddo’s breakout of the hospital clinker tomorrow…


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