French Toast and Eggs


Some people cook scrambled eggs too fast, which makes them dry and hard. They also don’t scramble them enough and they end up in chunks. I prefer my eggs soft and creamy. You don’t have to add the cream or the extra butter here, but I prefer the addition. They add a velvety and creamy texture that is hard to beat!

I cooked them after my French toast in the same pan, so there were a few yummy crunchy pieces of French toast in them. Sometimes I cook them after I make sausage or bacon. Delicious!

Low and Slow Scrambled Eggs
9 eggs whisked with a couple of splashes of heavy cream, 1 tablespoon of cut up butter, and some salt and pepper cooked over low heat. Stay with your eggs and continue to stir them constantly. Cook low and slow until creamy. Take off heat when the eggs start to loose that “wet” look. Continue to stir your eggs just a few more minutes.


My girls LOVE French toast! I begrudgingly buy them those French toast sticks you get from the freezer section. They are fine for the occasional quick breakfast before school or easy dinner when we have a “whatever-you-want-night.” But there is nothing like a nice homemade French toast breakfast! It is pretty easy to throw together, but not quick enough for early mornings before school. I have thought about making lots and freezing them, but no matter how much I make, everyone seems to just eat more.

French Toast

Mixture- I really don’t use particular recipe…or exact measurements. Today I used 6 eggs, a mixture of heavy cream and milk- about 1 1/2 cups all together. Add some vanilla, nutmeg, cinnamon, salt, and pepper. Whisk it all together, then dunk your bread on both sides. I just used honey wheat loaf bread. Warm up some butter in a pan and cook on both sides until browned. I keep my oven on 200 so that when my first batch comes out, I can keep them warm.

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