Chicken and Ragu Sauce

This sauce has been taunting me from the freezer. EVERYTIME I OPEN THE FREEZER!!!!I made this Ragu sauce with some pork ribs a few weeks ago. Every time I saw it in the freezer, I was transported to my first taste of this amazing sauce. It was when I was cooking in the kitchen and tasted it before anyone else to make sure the flavor and seasoning were right. Heaven.
I had a bunch of leftover sauce that I froze for future use. This thick sauce has a deep rich flavor and leaves a bit of a kick in the back of your throat. It is good with any type of meat, and you can serve it with any type of starch; rice, pasta, potatoes, polenta, etc. Veggies are optional, but you better not leave out some crusty bread for dunking!

p.s. I made mine with white rice. I cooked it with chicken stock instead of water. Read my fool proof French rice recipe as well as my Ragu recipe in the link above. Always add butter at the end. Oh, to both things. To all things.

I have more sauce and rice left over. My lunch idea is a nice thick soup with rice (plus a few bits of chicken leftover). Breakfast will be a bowl of the sauce with a couple of runny eggs. EEEKKKKK! Doesn’t that sound AMAZING! Pictures soon!

Chicken and Ragu Sauce
I had some chicken breasts that I seasoned and browned on both sides. Then I added them to the sauce for 45 minutes at a slow simmer to let them finish cooking.


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