Chicken Stock

Tonight I planned on making a roast chicken Julia (Child) style… I followed the directions to the tee. I usually just wing it and it ends up yummy no matter what. There is the occasional not-done-yet-and-have-to-stick-it-back-in-for-15-more-minutes situations, but usually they turn out perfect and delicious. Case in point…

Tonight I wanted to do a classic Julia recipe. It was a disaster. I did everything right. The oven thermometer showed the right temperature (I try not to go by the actual reading on the oven…sometimes it is wrong). I filled the cavity with butter and salt. I slathered the outside with more butter and salt… I put it in at 4:30. I followed all the directions and it was still almost raw in the center an hour and a half later. The skin was not brown and crispy. WHAT??? I was hoping it just needed a few more minutes. I didn’t take a picture. What happened????

Then my husband said something that made me feel a bit better about the situation. He said, “Was it defrosted all the way?”

Hmmmm. Well, we did buy it today from the meat section. I didn’t really feel it honestly. The outside seemed defrosted. My almost 4 pound chicken should have cooked in the hour and a half plus time I gave it. I basted it, I talked to it, I gave it a lot of friends to count on to have its back in the oven. It was fool proof! I guess it could be a possibility that Publix had not totally defrosted the bird when I cooked it???? Anyways, I decided to turn a positive in to a negative.

I took the rest of the bird- meat, bones, and all – and added to to my pot. I added all the veggies I cooked with it (potatoes, green beans, onions, garlic, celery, and mushrooms)and added more onion and 1 whole garlic head cut in to pieces. Don’t worry about the skins. They will be drained out. Add whatever you have on hand. Stock is a great way to get rid of leftover or dried out veggies and aromatics in your kitchen. Cook for 2-4 hours. Drain and store in the fridge or freezer. Delicious!


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