Mediterranean Veggie Sandwich

Monday my husband and I went to a mediterranean place in town. I got a veggie plate, which had tons of hummus, babaganoush (eggplant dip), tzatziki, pita, tabouli, greek salad, and falafel. I had tons of leftovers, so I have been having the dips and tabouli with pita chips for snacks then last few days. Today I found a sad cucumber (I peeled, cut in half, and deseeded it) in the back of my fridge drawer and still had some leftover tomatoes and lettuce from dinner last night. We also had some Naan in the pantry, which I warmed on gas eye on low for a few second on each side to get it warm. All these combined together made a delicious veggie sandwich from my leftover dips and veggies. Perfect light summer lunch!






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