Easy Baked Cheesy Poblano Peppers – Chile Relleno

Hey guys! Anyone out there? I know it is a beautiful summer day, but if anyone out there is ready for some easy homemade Mexican food, please tune it! This recipe is super easy and delicious. Have you ever had a poblano pepper? In your nearby favorite Mexican restaurant, it is called a Chili Relleno. Basically, charred poblano peppers (slightly spicy, but just barely) stuffed with cheese and covered in a enchilada type tomato sauce and more cheese. I was thinking of my favorite Mexican place, Montery.

In any recipe on the Internet you find it fried and baked. This may be good and all, but not the same as my authentic Mexican restaurant. The Chile Relleno is not fried. The Chili Relleno is a perfect light vegetarian meal, despite all the cheese. I decided to try to create my own. This is a pretty amazing recipe… simplicity at its best. 3 ingredients- poblanos, mexican cheese blend, and enchilada sauce. You could shred and blend your own cheese mix. You could make your own enchilada sauce. You could, but then I could not call this “Easy…”

Easy Baked Cheesy Poblano Peppers


6-8 Poblano Peppers
1 large can Enchilada Sauce- I used Old El Paso, ya’ll…
1 large package of shredded mixed Mexican cheese… You know that blend in the grocery; don’t lie!

If you have a gas stove, char your peppers for a few minutes on each side. If not, roast them in your oven on 400 until charred- this will take longer, not going to lie.

Preheat your oven to 350

Place your roasted peppers in a zip top for 10 minutes. The peppers enclosed in the bag create a steam that will be helpful taking some of that skin off. In a few minutes rub the peppers around still in the closed bag with your fingers. If they are hot, use a towel or plastic gloves. I have no feeling left in my finger tips, so for me, I can use my bare hands. Open them up half way with a knife. Leave the tops in place. Take out the seeds and membranes.

Take Corningware type dish that has been sprayed with kitchen spray. Pour a bit of your enchilada sauce on the bottom. Stuff your peppers and place in the pan. Cover with more sauce and cheese. Bake until fork tender, about 45 minutes. Serve with rice, beans, and a guacamole salad. I have found my new favorite Mexican dish to make at home! Don’t get me wrong, I will still go out to Montery. I love cooking their amazing dishes, but they can still do the dishes for me! I am still trying to perfect the homemade margarita.




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