Chicken and Veggie Alfredo Pasta

So remember last night when I made that awesome slow braised chili beef? Yeah, well, we actually ate it tonight! It was so good, but I knew the girls would not eat it. I didn’t even make them try it. It was too spicy and smoky for them, so I made them this back-up meal. We all went to the farmer’s market today and picked out some yummy veggies. I sauteed some yellow squash, green zucchini, and mushrooms. I cooked a chicken breast and thigh in a cast iron skillet. When they were done, I shredded the chicken. The girls recently picked out some wagon wheel pasta, so I cooked that and added some jarred alfredo sauce (Newman’s Own). I added all the ingredients together and topped with parmesan cheese. The girls gobbled it up. So glad they love their veggies! You could totally make this vegetarian by omitting the chicken. Or you could even add shrimp or sliced sausage.

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