Friday Faves and Meal Planning 1/16/15

HAPPY FRIDAY!!!! So thankful for a 3 day weekend! I will be taking a moment on Monday to talk to the girls about the significance of the day and importance of such a great man and leader. It is not just a “day off” but a day to be thankful for one of the greatest men and inspirational leaders this country has ever seen. Our country is definitely not perfect, but I am hopeful that it will continue to improve everyday for ALL people who live in this great nation.

Since we do have a long weekend, I thought I would go ahead and make a meal plan for this week and go shopping after work. As promised, I do have a crockpot meal. I also want to challenge myself to make at least one new meal that requires a technique I have not done before. I know that this will be a tough challenge, but I want to push myself as a home cook. This week it is homemade empanadas.

Meal Plan 1/16/15

Sat- Meaty Lasagna- my parents took the girls tonight for a sleepover so I could have a Girls Night Out!!! So tomorrow I am making them dinner when they drop my sweet peas off.

Sun- Pork Empanadas- I am going to braise a pork loin in coke and soy sauce. Then I am going to make homemade dough. Then I am going to fill the dough with the meat and cheese. Jalapenos will be in some for the adults. The kids will get the mild ones.

Mon- Chicken Stir Fry with Chinese Noodles

Tues- Girls go to dinner with grandparents while I go to yoga and hubby goes to hockey. When I get home from yoga, I am making a “Mommy Meal”-  Something like risotto or a pasta of some sort…I bought some of those “fancy” mushrooms and wine, so we shall see =)

Wed- Crock pot Meal- Turkey Chili

Thurs- Leftover Night

Friday- Family Night Out!!!!! GREEK?????

On to things I am loving this week…

Book #2- Wild

Amazing. Almost done. I am laughing, crying, and getting very emotional with this one. I need a light read next week.


My “I’m bored with water but need something that is not soda” drink


Winter sucks my skin dry and this cream is a lifesaver!!!


Reading these on the elliptical. They just balance each other out…





Have a great weekend!!!!!!!!!

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