Creamy Chicken and Rice and Meal Plan for 2/22/15

Can you believe the weekend is almost over? Fun weekend with the family, time to myself, and an awesome yoga class this morning. It just goes by way too fast…

Here is what I made tonight-

Creamy Chicken and Rice


6-8 chicken Thighs (or 4 chicken breasts)
1 package Arborio Rice
1 onion, chopped
3 cloves garlic, crushed and minced
1 small container sliced mushrooms
1 glass white wine
1 container low sodium chicken broth
1 handful of chopped herbs- sage, tarragon, and parsley
about 1/3 cup half and half (could use heavy cream and milk)
salt and pepper to taste


Warm up your box of chicken stock in a pan.
Brown up your chicken in a hot large dutch oven in a bit of olive oil. Salt and pepper both sides of your chicken- take out and set aside
Turn down to med.heat. Add your chopped onions in the pan with a bit more olive oil. Cook about 5 minutes. Add in your garlic and mushrooms and cook for 5 more minutes. Stir gently. Add in your wine. Stir and reduce about 5 minutes. Add in your rice. Stir well. Add in your chicken stock. Nestle your chicken in to the rice. Turn down to med-low heat and cook rice and chicken until cooked through, about 30 minutes. Rice should be soft and chicken should be falling apart when you stir the mixture at the end. Stir occasionally to prevent rice from sticking to the bottom. Add the herbs and half and half in at the end. Stir to combine and serve with crusty bread and a side salad or another veggie.


Monday- Gorditas

Tuesday- Crockpot- BBQ Pork

Wed- Leftovers/ Clean out the fridge night

Thursday- Chinese Night with Miss Mandy!

Friday- Family Night Out- Greek? Mexican? Indian?

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