Mom Night In!!!!

Hey guys! I had a pretty awesome day with the family. We all went to the circus. It was great and we all had fun together! Last night, I was supposed to go to dinner with a couple of friends, but it fell through. No worries, though. We will catch up soon. I had a quiet house to myself for a few hours, so I ordered Chinese take out; Shrimp and Broccoli, Sweet and Sour Tofu, and some yummy Spring Rolls. For the second night in a row, I find myself in a quiet house for a bit. I was in the mood for something vegetarian, so I ordered a veggie pizza, cheese bread, and Greek salad. Plenty of leftovers from both nights! Looks like I have lunch covered for the week! Now watching a marathon of The Americans. So awesome!

Looking forward to yoga in the morning. My dad’s b-day is tomorrow, so I’m going to make a yummy meal for him. That recipe and this week’s meal plan coming up tomorrow!






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