Oven Roasted Chicken Two Ways

Summer has been super amazing! Lots of relaxation, pool time, beach vacation, sleeping late, and cooking whenever and whatever I want. While I am super bummed that it is coming to an end for us, I am still looking forward to a great school year. I can’t believe I am going in to my 17th year of teaching!

Soon school will start back; cheer practice, Girls on the Run practice, homework, weekend ball games at the park, etc. Meal planning always gets tricky, so hopefully I will keep coming up with some fast easy meals for those crazy school nights. Look for lots of crock pot meals, throw together one pot recipes, and super fast meals that will hopefully save us a lot of time and money!

So this week is going to be a bit crazy. The girls have cheer camp everyday, so my dinner meal plan for the week is a great big question mark. I did a little prep to have some things in the fridge to grab for quick snacks and fast meals. I made a whole pot of hard boiled eggs (which after breakfast today are almost gone!), an entire pound of bacon, and cooked up the 2 chickens that I got from the farmer’s market. I love buying those rotisserie chickens from the grocery store in a pinch, but roasting your own is much cheaper and you can do different flavor profiles.

The first one was simply olive oil, salt and pepper. The second one I used this Moroccan dry rub. First I browned all sides on the stove top in my cast iron skillets. Then I put both in a 350 oven for about an hour. Now my family has 2 chickens for our disposal for sandwiches, chicken salad, pasta, etc.





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