No more posts until the weekend…

This weekend my dishwasher broke. I had mixed feelings. It was an old piece of junk. I wanted a new one, so I got one. Until it can be delivered, I have to do dishes by hand.  Sunday and Monday I made dinner and cleaned way too many dishes.


wpid-img_20150824_205701.jpgLast night we ended up going out. I went to Zumba and then the girls didn’t get out of practice until 7:30. I was planning on making tacos, but my husband convinced me we should go out. I was ok with that.   Tonight  I went to a kickboxing class, then made those tacos, but we used paper plates. Fast and easy dinner with less dishes!


Tomorrow is another crazy day! Friday is date night! See you on the flip side of getting a new dishwasher!

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