Meal Plan 7/6/16

The summers are pretty laid-back here. There’s really no plan for the day. We wake up late, eat some cereal, go to the pool, eat sandwiches, and then I try to find something around the house that I can throw together for dinner.


That’s how we like it.

BUT the last couple of weeks we have been in vacation mode, and our fridge and pantry were looking pretty bare. I decided to put together a meal plan and head to the store to slowly get our supply back up. Here is what we are planning to eat…

Tuesday-  Beer Battered Cod

Wednesday-Roast Chicken of sort sort….maybe  this recipe?

Thursday- Pork Chops…maybe these?

Friday- Steak Fajitas

I’ll let you know if I change these recipes. I love a good change up!



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