Green Chicken Enchiladas

Hey, ya’ll! Happy spring? This weather is really bumming me out and I am ready for some warmer temps. Down here in the south, the weather is all over the place. This weekend it was beautiful and sunny, then there were thunderstorms, and now it is freezing again. I know my northern friends are tired of all the snow and ice as well!

You guys know that enchiladas are a popular dish in my house, so I decided to create a little spring feel with some green enchiladas. I used a few different kinds of sauces and techniques.

First I used my trusty crock pot to cook the chicken. I used bone in and skin on thighs and cooked them in this salsa verde sauce all day. When I got home from work, I shredded the chicken and removed the bones and skins.


I bought 2 different kinds of green chili enchilada sauce, because I wanted to test both of them out. They were both delicious, but the canned one was cheaper, so I probably would just stick with that next time unless there is a sale.



I used the bagged sauce on the bottom of the greased casserole pan. Then I filled my tortillas with the chicken and shredded Mexican cheese. Then I topped with the canned sauce and more shredded cheese. I baked at 350 for about 30 minutes. I totally forgot to take a picture at the end, but it pretty much looks like any other pan of enchiladas I have made, just green bubbles instead of red. =)


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