Farmers Market Finds

Hey there! It’s been a while since I posted…May is crazy with end of the school year stuff. Not a ton of cooking has been done; mostly easy stuff like my weeknight lasagna , pork chops , or Crock Pot BBQ Chicken.  But now school is officially over and I am ready to cook up some new light summer meals! The last few weeks I have been hitting the farmer’s market and buying a few new items; raw milk, yummy scones, vegan tamales, yummy tomatillo salsa, bean dip, and some amazing granola that I devoured in 2 days. Today, I bought a lot more produce, so I am excited to play around with my finds!

Radishes, mint, baby kale, eggs, turnips, peaches, cauliflower, beets, bread, and squash are my finds this week!


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