Greek is the word

The last 2 days, I have had Greek food on my mind. Yesterday, my family and I went to a Mediterranean Persian place called OPA, which is always very yummy. I usually get some sort of falafel dish. I had a falafel wrap and it was delish. It was covered in hummus, lettuce, and tomato. I didn’t take a picture of it for a few reasons. It was wrapped up so tight in its paper, and if I unwrapped it to take a picture, it probably would have fallen apart. Also, I still kind of feel weird about taking pictures of my food in a restaurant. I guess I will just have to get over that. Plus, sometimes I just want to eat my food already! I really want to learn how to make falafel, so I am going to have to research and test recipes.

Lunch today was my Greekish salad.


The usual suspects; lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, olives, and feta. Also some random things like broccoli, cranberries, croutons, and sesame seeds. The good thing about making your own salad is you can just customize it anyway you like!

Hope you guys have are having a great holiday! Be safe out there and eat lots of yummy food tonight!

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