Creamy sun-dried tomato spread

Most mornings I wake up just wanting coffee. Then by late morning, I start to get pretty hungry. I want a little snack or light lunch, and I want to make something easy, yet healthy. So this morning I was taking stock of what I needed to buy at the store later and found an unopened bottle of sun-dried tomatoes in the back of the fridge. I immediately opened them up and had one. I love the tart chewy taste of these little beauties. They are so versatile; you can chop them up and throw them in a salad, on top of a pizza, in a sandwich, or make them in to a spread. I decided to make a spread. All you need is a food processer and these…



You can make a batch of this and keep it in the fridge for future snacking. It would be a great dip for pita, bagel, or tortilla chips. You could spread it on a sandwich instead of mayo or mustard. It would be lovely on little toasted baguettes, like a tapenade. It would even be great for entertaining or bringing to parties. I spread mine on a piece of wheat toast for a healthy snack!


Do you have any easy snack ideas?

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