Sun-dried Tomato and Black Olive Omelet

Morning all! I made this quick breakfast before leaving for work this morning. Now that school is in full swing, I am going to try to add more recipes for quick breakfasts at home and easy to make school lunches. I have made a few omelets on the blog before, but here is another idea. I am sure I will have lots more to come as well =)

Sun-dried Tomato and Black Olive Omelet

Heat up a pan with a pat of butter. Whisk 2 eggs with some salt and pepper.001

Then once the bottom is set a bit, maybe a minute or so, add your filling. I added shredded cheese, sliced kalamata olives, and sundried tomatoes.


Then fold over one side of the omelet to the middle. Then take your spatula and fold it over on your plate. You could dress it up with more chopped olives and sundried tomatoes on top or add a couple of slices of summer tomatoes, but this is a busy morning and I don’t have time for fancy presentation =)


Make It Your Own Boxed Pasta Salad

Hey guys! I hope you all had a great 4th of July celebrations with your friends and family! We all got together with some friends, had a fish fry, kids played together, and had fun with cheap grocery store fireworks as well as a large firework display at a nearby park. Tons of fun! I brought a bottle of wine, a pasta salad, and some dessert. Lots of great food!

I love making pasta salads. They are so easy and fun, because the combinations are endless. Homemade pasta salad is easy, but there are a lot of great boxed mixes out there to have in your pantry for those nights when you need something fast to throw together. Here I took a couple of boxes of Simply Pasta Salad (there are lots of different kinds out there, but I just stuck to the regular Italian flavor) and added in a few fresh ingredients. I added halved cherry tomatoes, fresh cubed mozzarella, and sliced black olives (kalamata).

You could totally add in fresh basil, grilled chicken, shrimp, broccoli, chopped bacon, pesto sauce, etc. Be creative and use what you have already in the fridge! Make extra to have enough leftovers for lunch. This is a great summer meal!


Easy morning frittata


I love frittatas. You can put anything in them. You can add leftover veggies, meats, cheeses; you can add any flavor combination you like. I added sliced onions and mushrooms and softened them up a bit. Then I added some sliced ham to warm it through. Then I added them to 6 whisked eggs and poured them back in the pan. Finally, I added sliced kalimata olives and goat cheese to the top. I cooked it on the stove top for a few minutes until the bottom is set. Then I put it in the oven on broil until the top was done, about 3 minutes. This was a great combination!


Greek is the word

The last 2 days, I have had Greek food on my mind. Yesterday, my family and I went to a Mediterranean Persian place called OPA, which is always very yummy. I usually get some sort of falafel dish. I had a falafel wrap and it was delish. It was covered in hummus, lettuce, and tomato. I didn’t take a picture of it for a few reasons. It was wrapped up so tight in its paper, and if I unwrapped it to take a picture, it probably would have fallen apart. Also, I still kind of feel weird about taking pictures of my food in a restaurant. I guess I will just have to get over that. Plus, sometimes I just want to eat my food already! I really want to learn how to make falafel, so I am going to have to research and test recipes.

Lunch today was my Greekish salad.


The usual suspects; lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, olives, and feta. Also some random things like broccoli, cranberries, croutons, and sesame seeds. The good thing about making your own salad is you can just customize it anyway you like!

Hope you guys have are having a great holiday! Be safe out there and eat lots of yummy food tonight!