Veggie Farro

I spotted 1/2 of a bag of loan farro in the back of the pantry. It seemed like the perfect time to get it out and add it to a ton of veggies! After a few days of indulging in yummy Thanksgiving food, I have been trying to think of a way to make something to take for lunches beside just salad. This is a perfect light dish that still fills you up! Farro is a delicious grain, kind of like a nuttier thicker brown rice. I love it, and I hope you give this a try!

Veggie Farro

Always use whatever veggies you have in your fridge! I used:

mushrooms, broccoli, peppers (red, yellow, orange), spinach, and 1 shredded shallot. I cooked them in a bit of oil until tender. Salt and pepper to taste. I added a shake of red pepper flakes for a bit of a kick.

I cooked my farro according to the directions to the bag (you can cook them in stock- chicken or veggie, or even white wine- instead of water for more flavor). Then I added them to the veggies. Such a healthy and delicious light meal! Perfect for a day of clean eating!




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