Baked Skillet Pasta

This dinner was a cinch to throw together. I defrosted some of my sausage and beef marinara that I made a couple of weeks ago. Here is my basic recipe, but this time I added sausage and ground beef that I made to use for baked ziti.

After I defrosted it, I added an extra can of tomato sauce and about a cup of red wine. Then I put the uncooked pasta-baby bow ties- directly in to the pot with the sauce. The pasta cooked in the sauce. I made sure to stir it every once in a while so it would not stick to the bottom of the pot. I cooked it until it still had a bite to it.

I had some leftover pasta that wouldn’t fit in the pan, so I froze it for another time. I always suggest making more of everything! It will be easy to pull it out one night for another quick dinner!
You could totally make this vegetarian, just leave out the meat!

Then I transferred the pasta in to a large skillet, topped it with shredded mozzarella, and popped it in a 350 oven about 25 minutes. I cut it like pieces of pizza. It was a big hit!








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