Leftover Loving- Veggie Pasta Salad

Evening guys! We all finally got home about 8:30 tonight. The girls both had cheer practice, but in different places, so it was a bit crazy. We made it work, but we got home late.

We usually give the girls a light dinner  about an hour before practice; sandwich, quesadilla, eggs and toast, etc. Since this is the first week of school, they are extra hungry.  So I let  them have a snack when they come home from practice.

After that they get ready for bed. Hopefully any homework that needs to be done is done. I’m really hoping that they get their homework done in their after school program. I will definitely help with whatever they need, but there is only so much time.

So tonight I made this concoction. All I did was take leftover pasta and mix it with leftover veggies ( spinach, orange pepper, and carrots), black olives, chopped bacon, and a tiny bit of Caesar dressing that was at the end of the bottle. So easy! You could totally add whatever veggies, protein, or dressing that you have leftover.
Add in your favorite cheese and veggie dressing for a vegetarian option.

Leave out the meat and use balsamic vinegar for a vegan pasta. So many endless options!


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