Vegan Red Lentil Pasta

Evening guys!I made this yummy pasta this morning for a family potluck Christmas party. I have a couple of vegan family members, so I thought I would add a healthy dish to the table! I am in LOVE with red lentil pasta. It is great alternative, especially if you are vegan and gluten free. You will not believe how easy it was for this to come together…

First, the pasta…

Then the veggies… saute an onion in olive oil, cut up a stalk of broccoli and cook until tender, throw in some canned black beans, and some frozen corn…

Now for that sauce… 1 jar of roasted red peppers and a container of tofu. Throw those in a blender. The sauce was SO GOOD! No one would ever know there was tofu in there! Then combine everything together! So yummy!

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