Easy Brunch

Who wants sausage and eggs? “Me! Me! Me!” Sunday brunch is set…sausage, eggs, and why not add some fried potatoes in the mix? Sounds like a plan!

Besides bacon, I can’t think of a better smell than sausage patties cooking in a pan. One of my next kitchen wishes, besides a blowtorch, is a meat grinder. Yep, this former vegan wants a meat grinder. I have a Kitchen Aid, so all I need is the attachment. I am an easy girl to buy presents for; you can just woo me with kitchen appliances.

Of course, you must have cast iron skillets. If you don’t, put them on your presents list. I would get at least 2; one large and one medium. Might as well make it an entire cast iron family.

Heat a couple up for your meat and potatoes. I cut baby potatoes in fourths and fried them in vegetable oil with lots of salt and pepper. I am not a huge fan of the shredded potato hash you get out unless it is SUPER crisp. I love home fries and these small diced potatoes cut up, because they get a bit crispy on the outside, but are still soft, but never mushy.


Then add your sausage patties to the pan. Since I don’t have a meat grinder YET, I just bought some Bob Evan ones from the store. Those are pretty tasty, plus they were on sale. The package says cook them for 10 minutes on the first side and flip and cook until 165 or no longer pink. I am never one for following the rules, so I cooked it for 8 minutes on the first side and 6 minutes on the other side. I cut one in half to make sure it was done. Cooked to perfection. No sausage hockey pucks here!


On to the eggs. Heat up your pan (non-stick is best here. Scrambled eggs are notorious for sticking to the pan no matter what you put in it.) I cracked a dozen eggs in a bowl with salt and pepper and whisked very well. Then I added it to a well buttered pan. I also add a tablespoon of cut up butter and about 2 tablespoons of heavy cream. You could use milk, half and half, or leave them out entirely. I just think they add an extra layer of flavor; a nice creaminess to the eggs and it also helps them from drying out.

Now, the best way to cook eggs or any kind are low and slow. If you cook them too fast, they end up in a hard mess. I like my eggs on the runny/ super soft side, but my husband likes them a little less soft. I make them a bit in-between. One day, I will have to do a post on different variations of eggs. We love our eggs in this household!


What is your favorite brunch meal?

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