Sausage Parmesan and Stuffed Mushrooms

So this happened tonight... Stuffed Mushrooms- Brown some ground Italian Sausage. Put in the middle of mushrooms. Top with mozzarella. Cook at 350 for 20 minutes or until cheese is golden brown. Italian Parmesan- Brown some Italian Sausage in the casing. Put a bit of sauce (homemade or jarred) to the bottom. Add sausage and top with … Continue reading Sausage Parmesan and Stuffed Mushrooms

Sausage and Rigatoni

I needed to take a trip to the grocery store today, but instead I opted to spend the day at the pool. Summer is almost gone for us, so I need to soak up all the last summer fun I can. Instead, I raided the fridge and pantry and decided to make this delicious dish. … Continue reading Sausage and Rigatoni

Italian Sausage Baked Ziti

Oh my. Really, just no words. How many different ways can I say YUM! I started making this Sat. night when I made my marinara. Last night, I browned up some sweet Italian sausage and cooked up my penne. I added them in a pan with my sauce. Of course, you can't forget to … Continue reading Italian Sausage Baked Ziti

Easy Brunch

Who wants sausage and eggs? "Me! Me! Me!" Sunday brunch is set...sausage, eggs, and why not add some fried potatoes in the mix? Sounds like a plan! Besides bacon, I can't think of a better smell than sausage patties cooking in a pan. One of my next kitchen wishes, besides a blowtorch, is a meat … Continue reading Easy Brunch