Catch Up…

Hey friends! It is almost spring break!!!! Here are a few pics from this past week…  Brutus begging for Bugels

 Chess playing captured on camera.



Pasta Prinevera- A Blue Apron meal- Mushrooms, Spinach, Asparagus, Fettichini, Greek Yogurt, Parm Cheese. YUM!!!!


 Foul play before the official Easter basket pic could be taken. Lots of chocolate, jelly beans, and cute toys.


 Rainbow Eggs! The girls and I decorated eggs and got creative this year. I think we will be doing this more than once a year.


Hubby took Becca to her cheer party, so Katie and I decided to have breakfast for dinner. Sunny side up eggs and a blueberry bagel with cream cheese. Perfection!

The rest of the weekly meal plan looks like this…

Tuesday- Chicken Dish
Wednesday- Who knows what is leftover in the fridge?
Thursday- Fend for yourselves. (Space Camp field trip, so the family is on their own!)
Friday- Mexican per Katie. Margaritas per Mommy.

Time for bed! Sweet dreams!

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