Throwback Thursday- TACOS, BABY!!!!

Just another summer day livin' the dream! The girls and I had a great day. First, we all slept until 9 am. HEAVEN! Then we lounged around in our jammies; I drank 3 cups of coffee, and they ate an obscene amount of frozen waffles and french toast sticks. Then we pried ourselves off the … Continue reading Throwback Thursday- TACOS, BABY!!!!

Weekend Wrap Up, Taco Night, and Meal Planning

I can't believe another weekend is coming to an end! Why does it always have to go by so fast??? Our weekend was pretty awesome. The girls went to their grandparents and had a blast! The hubby and I went to a cabin in the mountains with a few of our best friends. It was … Continue reading Weekend Wrap Up, Taco Night, and Meal Planning

The Tale of Two Tacos

We finally ate those damn tacos! They were delicious! Here is the link to making your own taco seasoning. Last night I had planned on making patty melts, but there was just too much food in the fridge that we needed to eat up and it was just us girls for dinner (Daddy had … Continue reading The Tale of Two Tacos