Clean Out the Fridge- Veggie Pasta

Evening guys! Hope everyone is having a spectacular week! 8 more days of school!!!! Monday night I made pasta with some leftover sausage and mushrooms and a random jar of marinara I spied in the cabinet. Something kind of like this, except with jarred sauce…
I have to say that whole wheat pasta is slowly becoming a family favorite. No one really notices the difference! I can eat just enough to fill me up and still feel great all during my yoga class.

Tonight the hubby made some fish sticks and fries. I had him time it so they would be ready when I got home from my Zumba class. There were not very many fish sticks, so I heated up a couple of veggie burgers in a pan while I cooked the Steam-fresh frozen corn. The girls gobbled up their dinner. Success!

As I was cleaning the kitchen, I decided to make something for lunch using some things in the fridge; leftover spaghetti, sliced mushrooms, an onion, a bag of snow peas, leftover corn, sun-dried tomatoes, and some pine nuts.

So I cooked the mushrooms and onions for about 10 minutes. Then I added the snow peas and corn.

Then I added the pasta and mixed it up with the sun dried tomatoes, and pine nuts. I topped with grated Parmesan cheese. Delish! 002


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