Chicken vs. Veggie Rice Bowls

Hey friends! Happy Friday night! I am enjoying a nice night catching up on shows, drinking wine, and eating popcorn! I have finally stopped crying after watching Grey’s Anatomy, so I wanted to share with you a couple of quick throw together recipes. BUT honestly, Grey’s, Parenthood, and now This is Us are the shows I keep watching even though I always cry. Each time either my heart breaks a little, and my soul grows a bit OR my soul is crushed and my heart grows a little. Mostly both.

Anyways. My hubby loves when I make this. I usually make enough for the both of us so we can each have a lunch. Lately I have had to workout less, so I am watching what I eat just a little bit more. I used to be a vegetarian and vegan for 13 years, so I know how to eat super clean and play the food game. I am not giving up anything, just eating as healthy as possible when available and less portions of amazing food. For this, I just added less rice and more veggies to my mix.  Mine was made with the leftover rice from Taco Tuesday.  I knew I was still going to be hungry, so I ate a yummy grilled cheese dunked in tomato soup from my school cafeteria. Shout out to you, Mrs. Lisa 😉 img_1077-1img_1076-1



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